On August 18, 2016, I had the honor and pleasure to celebrate the release of A Queen In The Kitchen : Nonna Fernanda’s Authentic Northern Italian Cuisine With a Twist of Me. All the guests gathered in a stunning Los Angeles villa for an authentic Italian Aperitivo, Red Carpet, northern Italian dishes, book signing and a toast to the author, Bread Love And Dreams crew and friends that made this book possible.

A HUGE thanks to Maurizio “OttO” De Togni, Mirko “Mirakle” Urania, Loly Perlmutter, Eviali, Bertozzi America, Giuseppe Patane’ and to my muse Nonna Fernanda!

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Authentic Italian food personally prepared by Ale Gambini, Parmigiano Reggiano Bertozzi  and the best selection of Italian wines for all the guests.


The one and only Chef Gino Campagna, walking the Red Carpet with Ale Gambini.


Rai journalist Valentina Martelli and executive producer Maurizio “OttO” De Togni walking the Red Carpet.


The party  soundtrack has been performed by the talented Eviali, downtempo music infused with mediterranean roots.


Red Carpet for the magic trio : director Mirko “Mirakle” Urania, executive producer Maurizio “OttO” De Togni and the Queen in the Kitchen Ale Gambini.


Book signing for all the guests.

Speech and toast by the executive producer Maurizio “OttO” De Togni.


Thanks, grazie, gracias, merci, danke, arigato….to each and everyone!

Photo by Scott Myers

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