The complete guide on how to shop, eat, and cook like an Italian


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This book celebrates Italy’s excellent food (PDO, PGI, and TSG agri-food products), and every food journey begins with knowledge of ingredients, where to find them, and how to prepare them. Italian food is so much more than pizza and pasta; from regional specialties to gourmet delicacies, you’ll need multiple lifetimes to try them all! The recipe collection includes mouthwatering dishes you might never have heard of, such as Scampi alla Busara, Crescione, and Mondeghili, as well as the iconic classics like Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe, Cannoli, and Focaccia. Also provided is the foreword by Alessandro Schiatti and tips and tricks from masters of Italian cooking including Aurelio Barattini, Christina Conte, Gabriella Gasparini, Manuela Mazzocco, Barbara Pollastrini, Vincenzo Prosperi, Amy Riolo, and Mario Rizzotti.


Editorial Reviews

Ale Gambini is the Queen in the Kitchen and the way she cooks Italian food is King! This marriage makes for quite a noble pairing! Ale brings authenticity to her kitchen straight from her Grandmother Fernanda. Her Italian traditional cooking is passed from generation to generation thrilling all of those who feast at her table. — Clarissa Burt, award-winning international media personality, producer, director, author, public speaker, and supermodel.

“I wish to praise Ale Gambini for delivering yet another great cookbook, one that goes beyond sharing recipes. No Ketchup on Spaghetti offers simple yet effective culinary education on what authentic Italian food truly is. This book is a perfect complement to the vast effort Italian organizations and institutions such as mine, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles have deployed for the past few years in supporting American consumers and buyers make educated choices when purchasing Italian food products, ones that are certified and 100% authentic.

Ale’s relatable approach manages to break down fundamental misinterpretations of our culinary heritage and help readers whip up definitive Italian dishes and flavors that honor her greatest inspiration, her grandmother Fernanda.” — Genny Nevoso, Executive Director, Italy-America Chamber of Commerce West

“Ale Gambini’s NO KETCHUP ON SPAGHETTI is a must-read for anyone seeking to understand authentic Italian cuisine in America. This delightful guide will make you feel like an expert on Italian food!” — Ornella Fado -TV Hostess & Producer, owner of “Brindiamo! Channel'” TV Plus, Italy.

I love Ale Gambini’s new book No Ketchup on Spaghetti! As an Italian-American woman raised in a predominantly Italian-based family, my mother and grandmother thrived in the kitchen. They shared their love through food, and I can feel the same passion in this book! Every component is so well thought-out; it is a must-read for ALL Italian Americans! It’s more than a cookbook – Gambini brings the reader into the intricate world of Italian cooking that most Italian Americans readers would not otherwise know! For example, who knew to look for certifications that protect the authenticity of Italian food sold in U.S. stores? I also love how Gambini recognizes the difference between Italian cooking and Italian-American cooking. In the U.S., chicken parmesan is an expected dish at an Italian restaurant. However, it isn’t an authentic Italian dish! Cotoletta alla Milanese is the authentic version of what we Americanized, and Gambini explains that very well. I also appreciate the Dos and Don’ts section – a fantastic list of quick hits that every Italian American (or anyone traveling to Italy) should read. You’ll learn that if you’re asking for pepperoni in Italy, you’ll get bell peppers! Gambini then gathers the best advice for true Italian ingredients from top Italian chefs who share their kitchen secrets. Finally, Gambini includes more than 30 of her own amazing recipes that are easy to make, filled with her lovely, contagious Italian spirit, and delicious to eat! Gambini knocked it out of the park with this one! – Mary Kovach, Ph.D.


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