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Quesillo (Venezuelan Flan)

Crave for something heavenly delicious? Follow my step-by-step video recipe and learn how to make Quesillo, the smooth, rich and creamy caramel flan from Venezuela. My dear friend Emma shared with me her family recipe, handed down from generation to generation. She also suggested me three helpful tips :

  •  sift milk/egg mixture through a mesh strainer (to take out the air bubbles)
  •  bake the flan in a cookie tin
  • bake the flan at bain-marie on the stove

Enjoy every spoonful and buen provecho!!!



1 cup sugar

2 tablespoons water

1 can (14 ounces) condensed milk

14 ounces whole milk (use the empty condensed milk can to measure)

1 teaspoon vanilla

3 eggs


Prepare the caramel by melting the sugar with water in a saucepan until light golden brown.
Pour the caramel in a cookie tin, making sure that it covers the entire bottom of the tin.
Place all the other ingredients in a medium bowl and mix with an immersion blender for a couple of minutes.
Sift the mixture through a mesh strainer (to take out the air bubbles).
Pour the sifted mixture into  the caramel-coated cookie tin,.
Cover the cookie tin with its lid and wrap it with aluminum foil.
Put the tin in a large pan filled half way up with warm water (Baño de Maria).
Cook  over medium  heat for 1 hour.
Allow the flan to cool completely then place it in the fridge for at least 1 hour.
Remove the lid, invert onto a plate and serve.


Ale Gambini & Taste Awards: love continues

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Ale Gambini, founder and author of the food blog “Bread Love and Dreams” and guest blogger for “I LOVE TALIAN FOOD”, has been nominated in 5 categories at

via Ale Gambini & Taste Awards: love continues.

Frittelle Di Carnevale (Mini Documentary Film) Feat. Nonna Fernanda

Frittelle Di Carnevale, the mini documentary film about my amazing Nonna is now on Vimeo !!!

Enjoy  Nonna Fernanda talking about food, history and her own life while preparing FRITTELLE DI CARNEVALE (Carnival Fritters) and RISOTTO CON I FUNGHI (Mushroom Risotto).


I’ll never stop to say THANK YOU for having her in my life.


A very special thanks to Mirko “Mirakle” Urania, Raimondo Di Egidio and Maurizio “OTTO”DE Togni for making my dream come true !!!

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“A World Of Sweets” Episode # 5 – Carnival Fritters Feat. Nonna Fernanda Now On I Love Italian Food

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“A World Of Sweets”, Episode #5 Carnival Fritters (Italy) Feat. Nonna Fernanda Now On Vimeo Cooking Channel

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