Torta Meneghina Di Mele (Traditional MIlanese Apple Cake)

Fall is apple season, and you can taste this precious gift from Mother Nature fresh or make a delicious apple pie. So that’s what I did, following an Italian recipe called Torta Meneghina.
Torta Meneghina means Cake from Milan, my home town, which can actually refer to two different cakes: one made with apples, the other one more like the Panettone (the traditional Christmas sweet bread). This apple cake variation is more rustic, perfect for breakfast or afternoon snack. It’s a very precious recipe to me, handed down from generation to generation from my friend Danielsan’s Grandmother. I strongly believe that Grandmothers recipes are the best way to understand the history and the traditions of a country.

Photo by Maurizio “Otto” De Togni.

For the recipe, please visit :

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