How To Make Risotto Giallo Alla Milanese (Milanese Risotto)

A Queen In The Kitchen Episode #2 : Risotto Giallo Alla Milanese (Milanese Risotto). Risotto giallo alla Milanese is a specialty dish of my hometown Milan (Italy), traditionally made with beef stock, raw bone marrow, onion, butter, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, flavored and colored with saffron. The best varieties of rice for making a superb risotto […]

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My Very First Cookbook…Coming Soon!

I must admit, lately I devoted little time to my beloved blog Bread Love And Dreams but for a very good reason : writing my very first cookbook. Writing a book is like having a baby. You carry your “creature” for months (actually more than nine ), you feel happy and exhausted at the same […]

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“A writing cook and a cooking writer must be bold at the desk as well as the stove.”
M.F.K. Fisher