LA Cookie Con & Sweets Show 2017 + Giveaway


Dear foodies and sweets enthusiasts, the 3rd Annual LA Cookie Con and Sweets Show Returns February 18-19!

The West Coast’s largest baking and pastry expo will take place February 18 & 19, 2017 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. With nearly 50,000 guests expected throughout the weekend, sweets enthusiasts can enjoy free samples from over 275 local shops and national brands, meet their favorite foodie TV stars, watch baking demonstrations, and participate in hands-on workshops.

The LA Cookie Con and Sweets Show will be complete with five stages and classrooms for workshops focusing on Traditional Baking, Vegan/Gluten-Free/Paleo Baking, Cake Decorating, Cookie Decorating, and the Celebrity Guests stage. Attendees can also admire the incredible cake displays as part of the Decorator’s Showcase competition. 100% of the proceeds from the Decorator’s Showcase entry fees will benefit the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles.

Fun for the whole family, The Kids Zone will offer free face painting, cookie decorating, crafts, games and more.

Special Guests:

Duff Goldman of Food Network fame and Elise Strachan, Founder of My Cupcake Addiction, who has amassed over 10 million followers worldwide. Rosanna Pansino, New York Times best-selling author and creator of the show ‘Nerdy Nummies’, which airs on her YouTube channel Rosanna PansinoBurt Ward, known best for playing Robin in the Classic Batman TV series, will be speaking on stage about his career. He also created a healthy dog food company, Gentle Giant, that helps improve the health of your pooch through nutrition. Burt will also be bringing the 1966 Batmobile, which will be on display throughout the weekend. 

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be giving away a family -4 pack free admission for the  LA Cookie Con and Sweets Show .

To enter this giveaway, simply :


The winner will be choose randomly and announced on February 7th 2017.

The winner will be notified via email.

The prize will be sent via email.

You must be 21 years old to qualify for this prize.

Giveaway sponsored by LA Cookie Con and Sweets Show.


HOW TO Make Nutella Mug Cake

You may love it our hate it but Nutella is the world’s most famous hazelnut spread. In this episode of HOW TO I’ll show you how to prepare a simple and delicious mug cake. It only takes few ingredients and a couple of minutes in the microwave to make this yummy cake.

If you prefer, you can substitute the Nutella with other hazelnut spreads available at your local groceries or deli stores.

Keep it always homemade, simple and delicious.

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Photo by Ale Gambini –

Yields : 1 mug cake

Difficulty : easy

Prep Time : 5 min.

Cook Time : 2 min.


2 tbsp all-purpose flour

1/4 tsp baking powder

1/4 cup Nutella

2 tbsp whole milk

1 egg

1 mug


Place the flour in the mug.

Add the baking powder and mix.

Add the Nutella and the milk and stir until well combined.

Crack in the egg and stir until well blended.

Cook in the microwave for 2 minutes.

Dust with powdered sugar.

Enjoy warm.

The Art Of Baking Bread At Home

“Bread baking is one of those almost hypnotic businesses, like a dance from some ancient ceremony. It leaves you filled with one of the world’s sweetest smells… there is no chiropractic treatment, no Yoga exercise, no hour of meditation in a music-throbbing chapel, that will leave you emptier of bad thoughts than this homely ceremony of making bread.”

M.F.K. Fisher, The Art of Eating


There’s nothing better than the smell of freshly baked bread especially when comes out from your oven. If you love to bake bread as much as I do, visit my You Tube Channel

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Ale Gambini (Host Chef – Founder – Video Maker)
Maurizio OTTO De Togni (music)
Produced by:

Baking Bread Plus

Baking homemade bread it’s easier than what it seems.
Baking Bread Plus is a cooking web series about how to make homemade bread and baked goods, simply following step-by-step instructions. You just need a kitchen, a lot of passion and you will surprisingly learn how to prepare Pizza dough, Focaccia bread, Pita bread and many other types of bread from around the globe.



Merry Christmas With A Queen In The Kitchen


“Do give books – religious or otherwise – for Christmas. They’re never fattening, seldom sinful, and permanently personal.”
– Lenore Hershey


buy4 (US)CA, Amazon Europe: (ITFRESDE) and UK.



Eat, drink and be merry!


Thank you Angelica , my everything!


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Sbriciolata Di Mele E Crema Di Latte (Apples And Milk Cream Crumb Cake)


Have I ever told you that I’m a huge fan of crumble cakes? Here’s one of my favorite version of this versatile cake filled with the delicious apples I picked up with my family in beautiful Oak Glen (CA), Southern California premiere apple growers area. I added to the apples a velvety milk cream that can be also used as a filling for many other types of cakes.

Fun Facts 

  • Apples are a member of the rose family.
  • There are 2,500 varieties of apples grown in the United States.
  • It takes about 36 apples to create one gallon of apple cider.
  • Apples contain no fat, sodium or cholesterol and are a good source of fiber.
  • Italy is one of the top apple producers around the world along with United States, Poland and China.

Buon Appetito!

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 12.30.08 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 12.30.36 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 12.31.17 PM.png

fullsizerenderPhoto by Ale Gambini – Maurizio “OttO” DE Togni – Mirko Urania BreadLoveAndDreams

Servings : 6 to 8

Difficulty : easy

Prep Time : 30 min.

Cook Time : 35 min.



For the milk cream

3/4 cup heavy whipping cream

1   1/4 cups whole milk

2 eggs

1/4 cup sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/3 cup flour type 00

For the crumble crust

2.5 cups flour type 00

1 pinch salt

8 gr vanilla baking powder (Bertolini or Paneangeli)

8 tbsp unsalted butter, cold

4.5 oz granulated sugar

1 egg, slightly beaten

For the filling

3 apples, peeled cored and diced


powdered sugar, to dust



Preheat oven at 350 F degree.

Heat milk, heavy whipping cream and vanilla extract slowly in a saucepan until small bubbles form around the edges of the pan.
Meanwhile, in a separate saucepan, whisk eggs and sugar together until fluffy; then stir in the flour until well mixed.

Add, little by little, the milk mixture to the egg mixture. Bring to boil and cook  until starts to thicken. Remove from heat and allow to cool.

In a medium bowl, sift flour, salt and vanilla baking powder.

Add sugar and diced cold butter, work with your fingertips until a sandy mixture forms.

Add the egg and work briefly until the mixture tuns into big crumbs.

Line a 9 inch cake pan with parchment paper.

Place half of the crumb mixture into the cake pan.

Gently spread with half to the milk cream, then add the diced apples and the remaining milk cream.

Cover the cream with the remaining half crumb mixture.

Bake for 35 minutes.

Allow to cool completely in its pan.

Serve lightly dusted with powdered sugar.


Spinach and Ricotta Malfatti


The Italian word Malfatti literally means “badly shaped”, but despite their name Malfatti are delicious dumplings made with fresh ricotta cheese and spinach.
This is a traditional Lombard first course but it can be found in other regions under different names. In the city of Florence they are called GNUDI (naked) and in Trentino Alto Adige region (northeastern Italy) are known as STRANGOLAPRETI (strangler priests).
Malfatti are usually tossed with browned butter and sage sauce or homemade tomato sauce.

Buon Appetito!!!

Malfatti_BLAD blog - 08


Photo by Ale Gambini – BreadLoveAndDreams

PREP TIME : 30 min.


12 oz spinach, boiled and squeezed dry

9 oz fresh ricotta cheese

1.5 cups Béchamel sauce

1 egg

1.5 cups Parmigiano Reggiano PDO cheese, grated

1.5 cups breadcrumbs

For The Béchamel Sauce

4 tbsp unsalted butter

4 tbsp flour 00

2 cups whole milk, warm

1 pinch salt

1 pinch ground nutmeg


Prepare the Béchamel Sauce by heating the butter until it melts, then remove from heat and  add the flour, whisking until smooth. Pour in the warm milk little by little, whisking continuously until well combined. Return to a boil, add nutmeg, salt and stir until thickened. Set aside.

Chop the spinach and place them in a large mixing bowl.

Add the ricotta cheese and mix until just combined.

Add the Béchamel sauce, the egg, the grated Parmigiano Reggiano and the breadcrumbs. Mix thoroughly until well combined.

Flour a work surface, then divide the dough into golf-sized balls. Roll each balls into a log (1 inch thick) then cut each log into dumplings about 1 inch wide.

Bring to a boil a large pot of salted water, then gently dump in the Malfatti and cook until they rise to the top (about 2 minutes).

Drain the Malfatti with a slotted spoon.

Toss the Malfatti with your favorite sauce or condiment and serve sprinkled with grated Parmigiano Reggiano.

Fall Giveaway!!!


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