The new episode of “A Queen In The Kitchen” is up on my You Tube Channel and it’s a very special one.

In today’s episode I will prepare a surprisingly delicious Fruit Christmas Tree made of puff pastry and filled with a healthy winter fruit puree prepared by our friend Barbara Lamperti – Buona Pappa.
For the Winter Fruit Puree recipe, please visit :


A huge thank you to Barbara for having us at Buona Pappa’s kitchen.

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Ale Gambini (Host, Chef, Author)
Maurizio OTTO De Togni (Executive Producer & Music)
Mirko “Mirakle” Urania (Director, Video Maker, Editor)
Produced by: BreadLoveAndDreams and SuperOttO Publishing
Copyright © 2016. All Rights Reserved.




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Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 8.19.25 AM.png


Available on:

buy4 (US)CA, Amazon Europe: (ITFRESDE) and UK.

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