Happy Earth Day

Our beautiful Earth always gives us amazing gifts.
Be kind with Her, say thank you to Her for all the beautiful colors and shapes our eyes have the privilege to see. Cheers with Her for the delicious tastes and smells She offers to us.
I’m so grateful to have had the chance to walk on Her soil and pick up vegetables and fruits, I’m honored to have had animals in my life as companion, I’ blessed for have had a Dad who always brought me and my sister to visit our uncles in the countryside, helping them to feed chickens, pigs, rabbits and cows, collect fresh warm eggs from the hen house, play hide and seek in the barn.

I saw swans in the lake, birds on top of a mountain, dolphins in the ocean.

Thank you Earth, thank you Mother Nature, thank you God!!!

UnderWoodFamilyFarm_MoorPark_Apr2014 - 387 copy

UnderWoodFamilyFarm_MoorPark_Apr2014 - 385 copy
UnderWoodFamilyFarm_MoorPark_Apr2014 - 359 copy

Photo by Maurizio “OttO” De Togni

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