Montasio Cheese DOP

Taking advantage of the Montasio cheese my mom sent me for Christmas, I made a delicious FRICO WITH POTATOES.
Frico is a traditional dish from the Friuli Region (North- East of Italy), a very simple dish made with shredded Montasio cheese, potatoes and onion.
Montasio cheese is made with cow’s milk, it is produced wheel-shaped and could be used grated or as is because it has a mild and delicate flavor, with a twist of nuts.
Montasio is available FRESH (2 month old), MEZZANO (5 month to 10 months old) and Stravecchio (10 months and older).
In the 1986 Montasio cheese has been awarded with the DOP label ( Protected Designation of Origin), the quality assurance label for Italian products, especially for wines and cheeses.
If not aged, pair it with white wines from Friuli , with the progress of aging full-bodied red wines are preferred.

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