117-0088sorelle-rid-anchisipittura castello contiheart Castello ContiConti-Cantine Del Castello Wines & Winery (Maggiora, Italy)

Today I’m thrilled and honored to write about The Cantine Del Castello Conti wines & winery.
The Cantine del Castello is a family-owned and run business, established in 1963 by Ermanno Conti, in the little town of Maggiora (Piedmont region). He had the innovative idea to produce the Boca wine, pursuing the dream of making only the wine he always loved to do. In the 1960 he built a Castle (Castello) to protect and respect the aging of his wine.
The Boca, a historical DOC created in the 1969, is a fine wine from the tradition of the Novara’s hills. It is the result of the mix of three kind of grape: 70% of Nebbiolo, 25% of Vespolina, 5% of Uva Rara (Bonarda Novarese).
Ermanno’s passion and knowledge about Boca wine has been passed down through the years to his tree amazing daughters Paola , Anna and Elena. Nowadays the Conti Sisters lead magnificently the business and they’ve also created a new wine label called “Rosso delle Donne” (Women’s Red), dedicated to vintage of 1996 of Boca, painted by the venetian artist Oreste Sabadin. The Rosso delle Donne is not only a wine but a project, a new concept of wine tasting along with contemporary art exhibitions, artistic workshops, books presentations, readings of poetry, theatrical performances.
The Conti Sisters grow their grapes with an organic approach, NOT using any kind of chemical weed killer.

Kudo to this three talented women who reinvented a way to produce, taste and love wine.

Salute!!! Cheers!!!


Thanks to the Conti Family for the infos and photos…and for the longtime friendship 🙂

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