Lasagne Della Nonna

I’m Italian which means that love for good food is in my blood and in my blog, too. As anyone knows Lasagne alla Bolognese also known as Lasagne col Ragu’ are the most famous Italian first courses, made with several layers of rolled flat egg pasta sheets alternated with Ragu’ sauce (meat sauce), Béchamel sauce […]

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Chef Danielsan AKA CuorCuoco

Today, I’m honored to write a post about a very talented Italian Chef : Daniele Paralovo AKA CuorCuoco. CuorCuoco means a cook with a huge heart , passion and love not only for food but also for life. He was born and raised in a family that owned a restaurant, and he has learnt how […]

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Good Morning World !!!

Buongiorno, Bonjour!, Bom dia, Доброе утро, Buenos dias, おはようございます, Guten Morgen, Dzień Dobry, Jó reggelt!, Goedemorgen, Bună dimineaţa, Gunaydin, God morgon, Huomenta, בוקר טוב, God morgen Dobré ráno, صباح الخير , Καλή μέρα, God morgen, Добро јутро, नमस्ते , สวัสดีครับ, Chào, Goeie môre, Góðan morgun, selamat pagi, Magandang umaga, 早上好, Miremengjes’. 😉

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“Il culo è una grande opera d’arte, una grande forma di espressione!! Ma se una donna ha il culo come una saraghina… come si fa a capirle il carattere, la tempera, la sua essenza, al sua femminilità, la sua sensualità!! Se non è capace di smenare bene il culo mentre tira le tagliatelle, vuol dire che non è capace di fare le tagliatelle!! l’inizio e la fine di tutto!”
Daniele Marziali

“Your butt is a great work of art, a great form of expression! But if a woman has her butt like a sardine … how do you understand the character, temper, essence,  her femininity, her sensuality! If it is not capable of shaking her butt while she makes tagliatelle, it means that she is not able to make tagliatelle! The beginning and the end of everything!”