Chef Danielsan AKA CuorCuoco


Today, I’m honored to write a post about a very talented Italian Chef : Daniele Paralovo AKA CuorCuoco.
CuorCuoco means a cook with a huge heart , passion and love not only for food but also for life.
He was born and raised in a family that owned a restaurant, and he has learnt how to cook and love food from his Grandmother Nonna Maria. She always told him ” Attento che ti ruba la vita!!” ( be careful because cooking steals your life), and I totally agree, in a good way ;). He loves to cook dishes of the Milanese tradition.

CuorCuoco also realized a couple of episodes about making some good, simple recipes. These episodes were broadcasted in the waiting rooms of the Pediatric Hospital Buzzi of Milan. He wanted to share a feeling of sympathy and love for mothers and children.

CuorCuoco is the head Chef at Cascina Guzzafame, an Agritourism in Gaggiano ( a small village near Milan), owned and run by the The Monti Family. The Monti Family deals  with livestock and agricultural innovation, cultivating and raising dairy cows.

I want to  personally thank Danielsan for sharing with me a special recipe his Grandma Maria taught him : Torta Meneghina.

…and ASAP I’ll share with all my followers, as a special gift! 🙂

Buon Appetito!!!

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