Dolci Morsi Al Nebbiolo (Sweet Bites Nebbiolo)

“Dolci Morsi al Nebbiolo are wholemeal biscuits, a structure of puff pastry, but totally devoid of added fat, so without any seasoning like butter, margarine, lard and various oils. The flour is Sbrulen Bio, a farmer who sows and grinds near my house, plus organic and stone ground, then add the sugar, a bit of cocoa, potato starch to make their structure a little more delicate , a few eggs, and mix all with the wonderful Boca Cantine del Castello Conti. Embroidery then the dough with wonderful organic hazelnuts of the same land of Nebbiolo of my dear friend Andrea Giaccardi Orto Pian Forest Fossano, a “Subversive of Taste” like me, a farmer raking the nuts by hand in a hazelnut abandoned and reclaimed floor to the sound of hands and sweat. I wanted to join the Nebbiolo to the delicious hazelnuts from Piemonte to celebrate the wonderful land full of good things! I love to transform the wine from its liquid form into something solid and good to bite, it is almost a alchemical process … for this I called them Sweet Bites Nebbiolo, delicately hand-cut one by one! ”
Daniele Marziali ( baker and creator of Dolci Morsi al Nebbiolo)

These biscuits are delicious!!! If you had a chance to have a trip in Piemonte (Italy), I suggest to everyone to stop by at Cantine del Castello Conti to have a glass of their special wine and little bites of Dolci Morsi al Nebbiolo. You’ll love it !!!

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