I love Macaron !!!

Red Tricycle

Fancy Nancy had it right: “Everything in French sounds fancy.” Oo-la-la indeed. Confused about these candy-colored cookies?  Unlike their kissing-cousin, coconut macaroons, macarons are fluffy almond meringue pillows sandwiched with a dollop of ganache or buttercream, in flavors limited only by  the imagination.  Talk about good stuff in a small package:  crispy outside, chewy inside, the perfect portability and neatness of these creamy confections make them a neat treat for tiny taste buds, especially for tea parties or car trips.  Look mommy, no crumbs!  (And by nature, they’re gluten-free, too.)  While spots have popped up all over town, these are our favorites for days when the kids are with us.

Belwood macarons

Belwood Bakery
Who knew?  Amidst the aroma of freshly-baked loaves, this Brentwood mainstay whips up macarons in fun & funky flavors like tropical guava and subtle lavender.  Reason it’s so kid freindly?  It’s an easy stop before the kiddos…

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