It’s now official, 2013 will be the year of Italian Culture in the USA. A year long journey that will be flagged across the United States, each month dedicated to a field across the Arts, Language, Sciences, Next Generations, Taste, Territory and Music. It was announced on December 12th in Washington DC at the National Gallery by a special spokesman that will reside there for one year: Michelangelo’s David-Apollo, a historical homage that was sent over once before in 1949, as an elegant thank you to the US’ support during the war.

It’s also the 500th anniversary to mark the passing of Amerigo Vespucci. The National Gallery will host the 1507 map that crowned the discovery and sealed the ominous continent under the name of “America”. The close ties between the two countries, you see, are at the origin of a story, a melting of influences and appreciation that never ceased to exist. This year under the cornerstones of Research, Discovery, and Innovation.

Amidst this exceptional recurrence, S.Pellegrino was formally asked to sponsor the year of Italian Culture, by developing a project to bring the culture of fine food and wine to the US with glamorous gastronomic events – namely gala dinners in different locations- the first one in Washington DC, the other two to be held in March of 2013 in New York and Los Angeles. The month of a “Taste of Italy”.

Six different excellences from Italy, Marchesi ‘de Frescobaldi, Masi and Donnafugata for the wine, S.Pellegrino for fine dining water, and the renowned Chef Massimo Bottura will be hosts.

Throughout the year Food events will not cease to take place, the Summer Fancy Food event in June, in New York, will be dedicated to Italian restaurants, Beckool Boston will showcase the union of science and food, while Verdi’s Opera Arias will sweep across the theatres.

It’s not a one-way ticket, Americans who were largely influenced by Italy will be honoured through exhibits. Hemingway’s Venice and the years he spent there will be celebrated through a photo exhibition.

Buses will be parading in cities dressed in Italian poems and photographs. The Embassies will hang on their doors the logo of the year.

Concerts by Italians, about Italians by Americans, ballets, Italian language seminars and conferences, and a close look at the Next Generation.

The year of Italian Culture will also promote young Italian Chefs in the US by raising a scholarship fund, hold literary and film contests to boost Italian creativity in Miami and Cleveland.

America and Italy will show their cultural partnership throughout 2013, a calendar full of events that will not suffice to complete everything there is to know about Italy, but will certainly be enriching both ways. Stay tuned for coverage and check out the official website for info and calendars.


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