Eat Pray And Love (2010)

The 2010 movie “Eat Pray Love” starts out with the main character Liz realizing that even though her life looks perfect on paper, she’s desperately unhappy with her current situation and unsure of how to find her proper path. She and her husband divorce, and Liz decides to take a year-long trip around the world to try to sort things out.
She eventually finds love in Indonesia, and before that, spiritual peace in India, but it’s her four-month stint in Italy that interests us here. In Italy, she learns to enjoy the simple things in life again, and that features food in a big way. She digs into dishes such as pizza Napolitana; fried artichokes; and a bowl of egg, asparagus, potato and ham salad drizzled with olive oil during her stay in Italy.
Our last stop takes us back to the United States for some good old-fashioned soul food.

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