The Perfect Cappuccino (2008)

In the country that managed to put a man on the moon, why is it so hard to find a decent cappuccino? In this feature-length personal essay one American woman’s lifelong obsession with finding the perfect cappuccino pushes her to question her community, her country, and her entire way of life.

One thought on “The Perfect Cappuccino (2008)

  1. Amy, I am also a 3rd generation Italian American. It seems that you speak Italian. I just started to watch your film The Perfect Cappuccino. One problem though. You say how cappuccino tastes better in Italy and I agree, but I do not know why you pronounce the word cappuccino like an american and not like it should be. It is difficult to watch the film when you mention the word cappuccino in almost every sentence with the ‘a’ like in the work cat. The letter A should be pronounced like the o in hot or like the first and last a in azalea. I hate to be picky but in America they mispronounce so many words in restaurants, even in Italian restaurants, such as risotto, cappuccino, prosecco, bruschetta……. Yet many more complex words are pronounce correctly like ‘Prosciutto’, possibly because they have been around much longer. You must have heard the correct way to say cappuccino when you were in Italy or by older Italaians in the USA.


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