Happy Birthday Nonna Nanda!!!

Today is a very special day because my beloved grandma turns 87 !!!!!!!!!
She taught me how to cook and love food.
I think she’e really special, she took her first plane at the age of 80 to come to my wedding on a Greek Island, and then at the age of 85 she travelled 14 hours from Milan to LA to visit me , my husband and my daughter.
I’m so thankful to have her in my life, God Bless her another 100 years =)
Love you Nonna

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Nonna Nanda!!!

  1. you are lucky to bake and cook with your Nonna. My grandmother Nona passed away when I was young and I miss her and try to recreate her recipes (she was not as organized as yours and did not leave the recipes….) and when I manage to get close, it takes me back to my wonderful childhood. it is Priceless! enjoy your time together. I also write about my Nona on my blog and loved her deep.

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